7-Day Digital Detox Challenge

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Use this assessment to determine if your teen is impacted by technology overuse.

Managing your teen's digital activity is an important parenting responsibility. In this digital age things are changing exponentially, and digital addiction is an increasing problem that can negatively impact your family dynamic.

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Join the 7-Day Digital Detox Family Challenge
This will help you get a handle on your family's technology use. Take some time to disconnect from technology and reconnect your family.

What Is The 7-Day Digital Detox Challenge?
In this 7 Day Digital Detox Family Challenge you and your family will spend the next 7 days connecting in a more powerful way with one another, learning to enjoy the time you spend together, reconnecting to the things you all used to enjoy doing before technology overuse took over your lives. Ultimately my goal is to help your teen get clear on their vision and purpose, and start living their full potential.

When Is It?
The 7 Day Digital Detox Family Challenge starts on January 7th, 2022
Start the new year off with a digital detox and get clear as you and your family set goals for 2022!

What Are The Benefits?

Tired of having to tell your teen what to do over and over again? Give your teen tools to help manage technology use so they get stuff done and avoid overuse.

Is your teen honest about their technology usage? Help them understand the importance of honesty and integrity. Give them tools to evaluate their integrity and be their word.

Does your teen constantly blame everyone else for their technology overuse results? Your teen will gain tools to become aware of their choices and own their results.

Is your teen easily influenced by others on social media? We'll give your teen tools set their vision and discover their purpose and be the influence for others.

Is social media and gaming now the only your teen is committed to? We'll help your teen reconnect to the things they used to really enjoy and learn how to fill those hours with fun.

Does your teen give up when it gets tough? They are not alone. They'll have a community of like-minded teens and the support of family to help them reach their potential.