XTL360 Program Outcomes


  1. Students will begin to distinguish how their points of view and interpretations affect their daily decisions and experiences.

  2. Students will examine how they relate to their family, parents, friends, and community.

  3. Students will distinguish what it takes to be a leader in the world.

  4. Students will identify behaviors that hold them back from being the best they can be.

  5. Students will begin to identify self-limiting beliefs.

  6. Students will examine and challenge their points of view.

  7. Students will gain new tools to overcome challenges and explore new possibilities.

  8. Students will begin to powerfully choose how they relate to themselves and others.

  9. Students will have an opportunity to powerfully choose what’s next in their life.

  10. Students will gain an understanding of how the unique power of language affects all of life’s experiences.

  11. Students will experience forgiveness of themselves and access forgiveness of others.

  12. Students will take responsibility for their choices, actions, and results.


  1. Students will practice effectively working as a team.

  2. Students will learn how to give and receive powerful feedback.

  3. Students will increase communication skills using direct and impactful communication.

  4. Students will stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones.

  5. Students will breakthrough barriers imposed on them by their past experiences.

  6. Students will embrace the importance of integrity in their life by honoring their word.

  7. Students will identify core values and principles by which they can live their lives.

  8. Students will create a vision and purpose for their contribution in their community and their world.

  9. Students will distinguish the events that have happened in their life and how their interpretations have created their life experience.

  10. Students will explore the points of view of other people in order to stretch themselves into what was previously unavailable to them.

  11. Students will interact and explore possibilities with parents and adults in powerfully and connected ways.


  1. Students will deepen their experience of working as a team.

  2. Students will set goals and intentions in every domain of their life.

  3. Students will create concrete and extraordinary results in their life and the lives of their teammates.

  4. Students will complete a service project that has a significant impact in the community of their choosing.

  5. Students will build strong consistent relationships with their families and the other people in their life.

  6. Students will practice the tools necessary for lasting change and ongoing results in the areas of life that matter.

  7. Students will receive powerful coaching in several domains in life including but not limited to family, personal development, education, relationships, money, and spirituality.

  8. Students will become effective in presenting powerful possibilities to others in a way which move them and inspire them to take committed actions in a variety of arenas.

  9. Students will practice using distinctions in their daily life that support ongoing healthy choices and experiences.

  10. Students practice using the tools from Modules I and II in practical ways, deepening their understanding and skill in effectively navigating their lives.


  1. Students will gain an appreciation and zest for life and an awareness of the possibilities available to them to accomplish their dreams

  2. Students will practice and explore how to use their voice to communicate and express themselves powerfully

  3. Students will gain clarity on their life principles, purpose and vision

  4. Students will explore the power of language and how it shapes their life experience

  5. Students will gain a deeper understanding of how they can be in ownership of their life and explore responsibility as a way to create their life experience

  6. Students will deepen their understanding of key leadership distinctions and core social and emotional learning competencies and how to apply them

  7. Students will learn how to break through their limiting beliefs and reframe their thinking to create their desired results

  8. Students will learn how  to create daily rituals that support their continued growth and development

We are committed to creating the next generation of philanthropists, doctors, computer scientists, sculptors, actors, and musicians. Believing that anything they set their mind to is possible. Teens caring for their elders, respecting one another and valuing life. Being a contribution to our world, givers, and committed to making this earth a better place for the next generation. We are committed to:

  • Encourage youth to declare a vision that will call them forth
  • Empower youth in the community to become impactful leaders
  • Equip youth with key leadership distinctions that will support them in navigating life successfully

Extreme Teen Leaders (XTL) is committed to being your possibility partner!


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