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Break The Silence: White Privilege & Anti-racism

As I watched the news channels broadcast the “Breaking News” I realized something had happened that may just be the event that would be the “straw that broke the camels back”.  I mean, I felt numb. I was frozen in time, and feel like I have been on an emotional rollercoaster ever since. Death after death, both black men and women. After a while, you just lose hope and feel like nothing will ever change this madness. From anger to outrage, from outrage to sadness, it has been an eye-opening few weeks to say the least. 

In the end, I decided to do something. I thought about the many trainings I have facilitated with teens from all over the country, and I realized that our trainings were what was needed in the world. How can we create in the world what we create in the training room. We have teens from every race, from every background come together as strangers on a Friday. Then something happens in that room that by Saturday afternoon, we are all connected on such a deep level we feel like family. They hate to leave on Sunday, and I see them all exchanging phone numbers, social media handles, hugging several times before they eventually go off back into their lives with their families. It is pretty amazing to watch occur. My question is how do we create that in the world. It is possible. I have seen it happen on every level. I truly believe transformation will play a big role in that connection and “All Lives Matter” dream that we all want to see so there is no need for a “Black Lives Matter” movement. It only exists because of the absences of matterness. But what if we all got that we matter, and we all got that EVERYONE mattered. What kind of world would this be? While it may seem like something we won’t see in our lifetime, it is possible. How do I know that? I see it in every teen training, and every adult training. These types of trainings should be a requirement for life, a requirement for every profession, and absolutely required learning in every school. For more information on how you can ensure your teen is socially and emotionally equipped to navigate this world, reach out to us and let’s get them on a journey of a lifetime.

Why Enroll Your Teen?

Graduates from most high schools are academically prepared for college and go on to live independently. However, the skills required to live successfully on your own are not taught in high school. Many graduates leave high school with no idea what is ahead of them and they face challenges and decisions that would cause a seasoned adult to think twice. But through a series of trials and errors we adults have come through the school of hard knocks and have figured it out. Teens are not as fortunate, and it does not have to be as difficult with the proper tooling and life skills. I designed this program to address this gap and know firsthand how valuable these skills are to success. Enrolling your teen in our programs is the best gift you can give your teen – empowerment is priceless.

What Results Can You Expect?

After participating in Extreme Teen Leaders, teens increase their self-esteem, improve academically, and improve relationships with their family and friends. As a parent it is our responsibility to ensure our teens are prepared for their future, and have everything they need to be successful in life. Enroll your teen today and give them a gift that will set them up for success and last a lifetime.