Transformational Leadership Training for Teens

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What is XTL360?

XTL360™ is a social and emotional learning, leadership and personal effectiveness training program for preteens and teens who want to achieve extraordinary results in every domain of their life. Our goal is to equip young people with leadership tools that will enable them to set ambitious goals and achieve extraordinary results in their life. Whether your teen is a scholar, visionary, and trail blazer…or lazy, unmotivated, disorganized, and clueless (or any space in between). This training is for them!

Through this journey, teens will learn new ways to look at events that have occurred in their life and their circumstances. They will gain an awareness of the beliefs and perceptions they have created in their life and how those beliefs and perceptions impact their choices and results.

They will learn key distinctions aligned with the core SEL competencies - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making - and how to leverage these distinctions to create amazing results in their life. Those distinctions include but are not limited to Integrity, Responsibility, Choice, Trust, Vision, and Intention.

The training is broken up into five (5) modules with an opportunity for advanced leadership training through a Mastermind designed for XTL Ambassadors. Below is a brief video on the core SEL competencies and an overview of the 5 modules that make up the XTL360 Teen Leadership Program.

XTL360 Tuition





Generation Lead


Teen Life Mastery Retreat


Extreme Mastermind    $149/annual membership fee

Discounts and payment plans are available for student leaders that qualify. Upgrade Specials are available at the end of each training.

Standard Training Hours (Discovery & Unleashed)




6PM Registration; Training begins at 6:30PM - 11PM


10AM - 10PM


10AM - 6:30PM

Student Leaders will spend a full weekend of experiential and accelerated learning. The days may seem long, but they go by extremely fast and they will enjoy learning and sharing with their peers.  When Sunday arrives they will be so empowered and confident, you may not recognize them!


Our boys absolutely loved the part 1 XTL360 training! They cannot wait for more!!! The trainers and staff are incredible human beings and I am so grateful for the growth and maturity I see blossoming in these two teens!!!


My daughter did the training in December. There was a significant shift. Her therapist heard something different in her conversation she hadn't heard before. I am thankful for the community, support and love she experienced during a very difficult time. She is open to the next training. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I'm in awe of what these Teen Leaders created this weekend! They have given us all hope of a united planet. Thank you teens for all of your hard work!

XTL Coach

With a team in front of me to hold the lenses of pure possibility to my eyes, I can see the world as what WE declare it to be:

a world of love and not hate, a world of peace and not war, a world of acceptance, a world of authenticity, a world of connectedness

Even though sometimes our vision for the future may be blurred by the nearsightedness of impatience, hindsight is 20/20. Eventually, we will look back to see the hurricanes of change we created with a simple flap of our wings.

Student Leader

I don't know where I would be in my life without you amazing people. I'm so glad every single one of you came to GL. We have the best team ever and I can't wait to see ho far we go in 2nd weekend. Love you guys.

Student Leader

...these people are absolutely amazing. I had a great time this weekend on the ropes course and in the room. I feel like we became much closer as a team but we still have a long way to go and that blows my mind that I can have a better relationship with each one of you. It's crazy that we came from not knowing each other at all to loving and caring for each other so much. Looking back we've come so far and I'm so excited to go forward with this team and I'm happy to be doing it with each and every one of you.

Student Leader

This weekend each one of you contributed to changing my life in the most positive way possible. Walking into this I was confused, had no idea what to expect and no idea why I was even here. After the 23 hours we spent together, I found something special in each of you. I love you all EXTREMEly much 🙂 I AM STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, AND CONFIDENT. I can't thank you special and unique group of people enough.

Student Leader

I am so blessed to know such an amazing group of teens coming together to bring on the weight of the world. We, the Generation Lead Legacy Team, are committed to creating a world that is accepting, authentic, and connected. We are committed to having our vision manifest through teamwork, leadership, and contribution. We will not stop investing in our vision. It is soon to be reality.

Student Leader