Vision & Mission

Every effort we make at Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc. is guided by a strong vision and our desire to make it come true. 

Take a look below to see what we stand for and our values. 

Our Vision

Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc. vision is to create a world where teens in every community are well-rounded, visionary and exceptional individuals in all aspects of their lives.

Our Mission

Extreme Teen Leaders’ mission is to bring out the leader in every teen, using our certified training to reveal ambitious individuals driven to succeed. We do this by teaching them how to resolve problems, find what their inner motivation is and enable them to reach for their dreams by realising they can make them true, if they take ownership of their own life. 

Our Founder and President, Tamrah Barber, founded Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc. as a response to her kids’ needs. In fact, years ago, when one of her five children was still in his teens, he was playing and competing in an AAU Basketball team, Her son Urel and his best friend, Mark,  weren’t happy with the club and wanted to create their own. Urel asked Tamrah to create the team for them, but instead she told him that they needed to figure it out themselves; they needed to recruit their team, design their uniforms, research the AAU and how to be involved. Tamrah thought that only by encouraging them to show their own leadership, this would turn into a success and an inspiring moment for them. 

Shortly after that request, XTL Sports Club was born. As a result, Tamrah’s son and his friends were happier, more motivated and community-driven. Other families started to notice the change and their kids wanted to join the club, because it was created by teens for teens, showing them they could create what they wanted in life  and learn the skills needed to be impactful leaders, having ownership of their preferences and choices.

Today, Urel is a successful computer engineer for a Fortune 100 company and Mark is serving in the United States Air Force. Both are thriving in life and are an example of what’s possible when you take ownership and create your own dreams.

And that’s what Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc. is all about.

Throughout the years, the way we give our teens these skills is different and more focused on leadership programs instead of sports, but the mission has stayed the same. 

We want to give your teens the tools and skills to get what THEY want. To get them in the driver’s seat of their own life, face any challenge -- no matter if in school, college, sports or at work -- and thrive as young adults who make an impact within their communities.   

Achieving The Mission

Our programs take your teens on a two-fold journey that supports them to be aware of themselves (self-awareness) and how they interact with others (or interpersonal awareness).

These two newly-acquired skills lead them to create change from within and start a transformational journey of discovery and growth. 

When they learn Self-Awareness, they:
When they learn Interpersonal Awareness, they:

Become aware of their self-limiting beliefs

Know what’s holding them back and how to overcome those blocks

Learn Team Collaboration

Discover how teamwork helps overcoming obstacles faster

Understand their higher purpose

Know what their life vision is and set goals to achieve it

Learn Team Empowerment

Learn how to create leaders greater than themselves and lead others to greatness

Have new clarity around what it is they truly want and what behaviors they need to shed to get it 

Connect with other teens on a similar journey and empower each other to achieve big goals


We can guarantee that every child that goes through the XTL360™ experience will come out transformed -- and once they learn these skills, their life journey will be more meaningful and satisfying.


Our Values  

At Xtreme Teen Leaders, Inc. every team member shares the same values, which we use in our work as a foundation for the programs:

Discipline - We consistently train and develop student leaders by instruction and exercise to be impactful leaders, equipped with social and emotional learning competencies that will help them succeed in every domain of their life

Integrity - We hold every student leader as perfect and whole, created with purpose and vision. We help them to align their choices, language and ways of being with their purpose and vision and we train them to be in integrity with their word

Responsibility - We train and develop student leaders that choose to be responsible for everything in their life 

Enrollment - We embody ways of being that are inspiring, engaging, and admirable that cause others to take committed actions in their life

Commitment - We believe commitment is when you honor your word, no matter what. We give ourselves fully to our commitments and follow through

Teamwork - We believe all big visions require a diverse team - and in order for one to win, all must win. We create a win/win in everything we do. Everyone matters.

Testimonials from our Student Leaders & Families

I highly recommend Extreme Teen Leaders

Heidi Mulligan walker

Tamrah Barber is a skilled facilitator who is truly living her life purpose by creating sacred spaces for personal and community development for teens and families. I highly recommend Extreme Teen Leaders. Tamrah sees all of the potential that our young adults have and helps them to realize it by teaching them the skills to navigate their life experiences authentically.

It helped her navigate the tricky years of teen life

Hallie Balberchak Agostinelli

I cannot say enough about XTL! This is an amazing program that has changed my daughter's life. Not only has it helped her navigate the tricky years of teen life, it has given her high impact communication skills and turned her into a leader in her own world. Tamrah and her staff pour themselves into the teens and are making such a difference in the world. I highly recommend.

This workshop makes a huge impact in your life

isabella, student leader graduate

This workshop makes a huge impact on your life. It gives you an open space so that you can be vulnerable, open-minded, and your authentic true self. It gives you the tools that one would need to live a successful and free life.

So impactful in such little time

odessa waters

The changes I have seen in my daughter have been mind blowing. I’ve never seen a program so impactful in such little time. Thank you Tamrah Barber for helping Haley be the best version of herself she can be. I HIGHLY recommend this program. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

A must in every middle and high school

moche hazout

This seminar should be a must in every middle and high school! The teens coming in do not go out the same they are improved! My daughter enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I highly recommend sending your teen!

No Investment in our twins has been this transformational

clarissa Kussin

I am a proud Extreme Teen Leader parent! No investment in our twins has been this transformational! After the first evening in Discovery Level 1, my son got in the car and said I think there's another training and I want to go!" That was after ONE evening in the program! Grateful and inspired by the opportunities Extreme Teen Leaders is offering to our communities. Proud to be part of this movement.

We are a non-profit organization and we are committed to diversity and inclusion and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, military status in any of our activities or operations.