Smart Money: Financial Abundance for Teens

While teenagers aren't exactly earning chump change, the amount they spend easily outpaces their paychecks. One of the most startling statistics to come out of the MarketingVOX/Rand research centers on teens' total annual spending, which sits just shy of $259 billion annually.

Enroll your teen now and give them the information they need to make good financial decisions NOW...And not thousands of dollars in debt later.

Financial Abundance for Teens was created to support middle- and high-school students in understanding how the current financial system works and how to set themselves up for lifelong financial security and success.  Becoming a financially competent and confident adult requires much more than learning about budgeting and credit cards.

Understanding the power of compound interest, the difference between income and wealth, how to invest with confidence, how and why to start a small business – these are ultimately far more important than balancing the checkbook. Register your teen for this workshop and give them the tools to create financial abundance.

Using Your Voice: Writing & Speaking With Power

Writing and speaking powerfully are two game changer tools that can give your teen the power to engage, move and transform lives. 

The constant use of text talk carries on not only into writing but also the way you talk. Social media and text messages are "consistently associated with the use of particularly informal written communication techniques, along with formatting problems, nonstandard orthography, and grammatical errors” according to a 2010 report by Clarion University

In this powerful workshop, your teen will engage in exercises, activities, and lectures that will improve their writing skills and their ability to communicate and speak with impact. This is cleverly designed workshop that your teens will love while learning and being empowered.