Hi!  Welcome to Extreme Teen Leaders.

We are an educational nonprofit organization, founded by Tamrah Barber, committed to shaping the leaders of tomorrow and giving teens precious skills that will support them in creating a successful life and being leaders.

Our methods aim at the advancement of social and emotional learning (SEL) skills in middle- and high-school students; studies show that SEL skills have an impact on academic learning and increased life success. If that wasn’t enough, these skills also shape teens’ mental resilience, making them more confident and giving them the tools to thrive in life. 

We firmly believe in a world where the teens in our community are well-rounded, purpose-driven individuals, who have vision and are successful in every domain of their lives.

Through a journey of self-discovery, we want to guide your teen to embrace and nurture their inner genius, become an impactful leader and overcome with confidence any challenge in life.

Want to know how Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc. can support you and your teen and turn them into thriving young adults and future leaders? You can take a look at our programs here: