XTL Student Council

My vision for the world is to create love, understand, and unity through music and spreading knowledge about psychology health. I plan to establish a corporation that would distribute quality resources to support communities in need to practice a balanced and safe lifestyle, promoting peace and positivity.

Fun fact: I was born with 3 front teeth.

My vision for the world is that people are able to give and receive love wherever they are and that they feel confident to show up as their authentic selves. I will carry out this vision by being a light and love in people's lives. I will be a safe space.

Fun fact: I like learning line dances late at night when I'm bored.

My vision for the world is a world where people are treated equal and just. I want to create a space where people know they matter. I will speak up about the fails that the justice system has made in our society. I hope to begin the journey of fixing the corrupted justice system and the prison system as well.I want to help people understand that someone is fighting for them, that someone sees that they do matter.

Fun fact: I want to be a criminal justice lawyer and fix the justice system, and I am sure of this at just 15 years old!

My vision for the world is a world that is accepting, peaceful, and loving. I will achieve my vision by volunteering at organizations such as Extreme Teen Leaders, Second Harvest Food Bank, and homeless shelters in my area. I will also achieve my vision by getting the proper education I need to start my own orthodontics practice. After I start my practice I will have the resources to donate to non-profit organizations and sponsor children in my area whose families can’t afford Christmas presents or Winter Clothes.

Fun fact: I can solve a Rubiks cube!

My vision for the world is a place where young people lead and teach the older generations; entrusting a safer and more welcoming environment for all. I plan to carry my vision out by becoming a children’s therapist. I intend to leave a handprint on every heart of a child that I interact with, and encourage them to lead and recognize the true impact they have on the world.

Fun fact: I love to craft and make jewelry, and I’ve been attending and staffing XTL360 trainings since 2016 and they have been one of the most powerful and impactful experiences in my life.

The world I envision is an understanding, loving, and cooperative place, where disagreements can come to a compromise and anybody can achieve their dreams without limitation. I will achieve this by setting an excellent example of care and diligence in my own actions, hoping to start the chain of happiness and success. Taking care of my responsibilities and helping others when possible to reach their own goals, creating a brighter, brand new world.

Fun fact: I was born in Brampton, Ontario, Canada!

I am an XTL Ambassador Graduate from GL2 Florida. My vision for the world is to create a world where people know their worth, making sure they know their voice matters and creating a loving, accepting and vulnerable world. I will carry out this vision by being a contribution to the world and helping teens find their true selves.

Fun fact: I love to ski during the winters.

My Vision for the world is a community filled with kindness, respect, acceptance, equality, hard work, helping others, love, vulnerability, authenticity, confidence, teamwork, and empowerment. I plan to carry out my vision by standing up for others and myself. I will communicate, support, build trust, connect, appreciate, focus on goals, volunteering time, forgive, encourage to give feedback, and take accountability for my actions.

Fun fact: I like musical theatre. When I was little I was in a play called The Bad Seed.

My vision for the world is a world that is loving, accepting, and one that works in harmony. How I plan on carrying out that vision currently is with these transformational trainings both teen and adult and just adding value in every situation that I can.

Fun fact: I love Rugby and I’m pretty flexible.

As an artist, creativity is in all that I do. I plan to use my gifts to bring joy to others and create a community that embraces authenticity, supports those in need, and empowers. Whether that’s through paintings, digital art, or fashion I will leave my mark on the world. 

Fun fact: I love to roller skate and my favorite food is ice cream. 

My vision for the world is that everyone shows empathy towards others and is able to make genuine connections with others by being their most true self. I will cary out my vision by showing empathy for others and creating an open space.

Fun fact: My sister calls all my hobbies grandma hobbies because I bake, sew, knit, and crochet.

My vision for the world is to create an opportunity for young girls like myself to feel content and confident in their own skin.

Fun fact: If I ever feel down or have had a rough day I go in the mirror, turn on my favorite song, and dance all the negative energy from the day away.

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