Below is the Calendar of Events and Training Dates Schedule for Extreme Teen Leaders.  You can also see a more detailed listing of our live and online events below the calendar.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


We are excited to launch our in person trainings now that schools have reopened. We are following CDC guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated student leaders. We are taking precautions and have redesigned some elements of our training to ensure safety. Below are our new LIVE trainings happening this year. We are also keeping our ONLINE training to support student leaders that are unable to travel to one of the LIVE trainings. Thank you for your patience over the last two years and thank you for being a part of this community.

Charlotte Cohort 2 (in-person)
4/12-4/14/24  Discovery 2 NCC
5/17-5/19/24  Unleashed 2 NCC
6/28-6/30/24  Generation Lead 2 NCC 1st Weekend
7/26-7/28/24  Generation Lead 2 NCC 2nd Weekend
8/2-8/4/24  Generation Lead 2 NCC CSP 3rd Weekend
8/30-9/1/24  Generation Lead 2 NCC 4th Weekend

Fort Lauderdale Cohort 5 (in-person)
7/12/24-7/14/24  Discovery FLL
8/16/24-8/18/24  Unleashed FLL
9/20/24-9/22/24  Generation Lead FLL 1st Weekend
10/25/24-10/27/24  Generation Lead FLL 2nd Weekend
11/8/24-11/10/24  Generation Lead FLL CSP 3rd Weekend
11/22/24-11/24/24  Generation Lead FLL 4th Weekend

New York Cohort 2 (in-person)
10/18-10/20/24 Discovery 2 NY
11/1-11/3/24 Unleashed 2 NY
12/13-12/15/24 Generation Lead 2 NY 1st Weekend
01/10-01/12/25 Generation Lead 2 NY 2nd Weekend
01/24-01/26/25 Generation Lead 2 NY CSP 3rd Weekend
02/21-02/23/25 Generation Lead 2 NY 4th Weekend