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Meet The Extreme Teen Leaders Board of Directors

President & Founder

Tamrah Barber is the President and Founder of Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc. and an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). She has developed youth programs for over 20 years and has worked in business development and the IT industry for another 20+ years . By leveraging her personal and professional experience, Tamrah is committed to giving back to youth in the community.

She founded Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc. because she wanted to provide teens with tailored programs that helped them realize their greatness, inspired them to contribute to their own community, and developed them intellectually so they could make good decisions and be resilient through tough challenges.

Tamrah is also the mother of 5 beautiful children who are all accomplished young adults with thriving lives and careers. It wasn’t easy to raise 5 children, but thanks to SEL tools and initiatives that later inspired Extreme Teen Leaders’ programs, she managed to ensure each of her kids would grow to be leaders and adults fully in charge of their own lives.

The tools Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc. gives to teens actually work and Tamrah has seen the results through her own children, and she’s now on a mission to share the same skills with all young people and families struggling to make their way through these challenging years.

She knows she can’t accomplish such a big vision alone -- that’s why she has assembled a team of professionals and leaders to help carry it out. 

board of directors

Tommie Storms

With over 30 years of broadcast experience on-air, Tommie is an effective public speaker who is knowledgeable in public relations and promotion. She entered the industry at a time when women were unwelcome, often discouraged from pursuing or remaining in the field. Despite such challenges, Tommie advanced to the top levels of media management and programming, including Station Manager and Program Director. In addition, Tommie founded and co-founded two successful for-profit businesses and two non-profits.

As an educator and academic department director, she developed curriculum in broadcast media and music entertainment for the Music Entertainment Management department and was featured for her knowledge of the music business during the 90’s and Atlanta’s rise as an R&B and Hip-Hop mecca.
Tommie is presently Cofounder, COO, and Director of Operations for a nationally honored non-profit organization serving physically disabled student-athletes – the American Association of Adapted Sports Programs, and continues to speak out for and represent causes that are dear to her heart. Her insights are powerful and her leadership is key to the success of Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc.

David Calderwood

David is an engineering executive, inventor, start-up entrepreneur, and business strategist who takes technology companies to the next level. David is a master at building interdisciplinary teams, leading them to develop exciting new technologies, then commercializing the discoveries for bottom-line results.

David is passionate about making a difference wherever he lands. He has worked across eight industries, leveraging transformational technologies to solve real-world problems, integrating mechanical, electrical, firmware, software, robotic platforms, and next-generation IoT in solutions that make a big impact in the market.

By leading five start-ups from pre-revenue to commercial operations, David achieved a “Real World MBA.” He performed all aspects of the business cycle from cold calling and contract negotiation to project execution and customer support. Under his guidance Parata Systems grew from pre-revenue to profitable commercial operation ($150M+) in only six years.

David is a leader creating other leaders and help people to see things things differently, develop decision-making skills, and focus on outcomes. In 12 years, he guided six direct reports to become Vice Presidents of Engineering. That is the level of excellence he brings to Extreme Teen Leader, Inc. We are so grateful to have him as part of our team - a father, husband, and consummate professional committed to creating leaders.

Connor Lynch

Connor Lynch was born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida. After a career as a CEO and Insurance Agent, Connor decided to join Extreme Teen Leaders as CEO because he is passionate about giving all teens a fair start in life and an understanding of the leader within them.
He prides himself of staying very engaged and involved in the community as well as helping other organizations strengthen and grow. He is passionate about Entrepreneurialism and Education.

Throughout his career he has served on several City Boards and has been involved in many not-for-profit organizations. His mission is to support the growth and sustainability of Extreme Teen Leaders.

Connor enjoys working to make a positive difference in both his business and in the community. In his words, his greatest accomplishment is his family- his wife Ryan, daughter Caroline and twin boys Parker & Charlie.

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