Below are some reviews and testimonials from students and parents who have taken part in our programs:

I’m Grace Tippett and I am an OG XTL alumni! I currently am a freshman at Meredith College and am majoring in Exercise and Sports Science. Throughout this crazy year I have been going to school, working as a part time server and have been doing an immense amount of self discovery work.
Being apart of XTL has impacted my life in such an amazing way. Through XTL I have built amazing friendships, learned who I really am and have become the amazing leader I was destined to be. I went from being a shy girl, who did everything she could to make herself as small and quiet as possible to uncovering the strong woman i’m meant to be. I speak up for myself and others and am no longer afraid to put myself out there and let others know how powerful I truly am. All the people I have met throughout XTL have taught me so many life lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to be a part of the XTL community and will cherish every memory made forever.


This program is AMAZING!! It has helped me overcome many problems by giving me tools to assist me throughout life. All I can say is it's lit!


So far this training has brought a lot more variety in my life and helped me work through a ton of problems I face like self esteem issues. This training has taught me that everyone matters and has a voice and has opened my eyes. Sign up!


I think that this is a great program to be in because it really changes your life and you become a whole different you. The down side to this is that you would have to sit for a long time but the good side to beat the that is that is is fun


This PROGRAM has really helped me find my self and who i want to BE.
This Program has really made me have to do some soulsearching, an also having to BE EMOTIONAl & PHYSICAL. MY EXPEREIENCES will be 1 of the greatest parts of me.


This program has impacted me with Self-acceptance, Leadership, and that I MATTER! My biggest breakthrough is that I matter. I usually put other people before myself.


Tamrah Barber is a skilled facilitator who is truly living her life purpose by creating sacred spaces for personal and community development for teens and families. I highly recommend Extreme Teen Leaders. Tamrah sees all of the potential that our young adults have and helps them to realize it by teaching them the skills to navigate their life experiences authentically.


I cannot say enough about XTL! This is an amazing program that has changed my daughter's life. Not only has it helped her navigate the tricky years of teen life, it has given her high impact communication skills and turned her into a leader in her own world. Tamrah and her staff pour themselves into the teens and are making such a difference in the world. I highly recommend.


Tamrah has been so great to work with on a new educational program I'm developing. Her positive energy and enthusiasm got me fired up, it was inspiring to learn from what she has accomplished, and she had great tactical ideas and strategies for developing a curriculum and working with kids. I highly recommend working with her. Thanks Tamrah!


This program is absolutely amazing and made so much change in my life in such little time. You get to meet awesome people that may be in your life forever, take the opportunity to do it.


This workshop makes a huge impact on your life. It gives you a open space so that you can be vulnerable, open-minded, and your authentic true self. It gives you the tools that one would need to live a successful and free life.


I loved it. Sad I wasnt able to finish but exited to in the next cycle


Seeing the growth of this organization is phenomenal. The impact that Tamrah creates on these teens and parents is absolutely amazing. If you are waiting on developing your teens to be EXTRAORDINARY the TIME IS NOW!


This training has transformed my Breezy! She’s leading with confidence, being inspiring with vulnerability and for the first time in a long time smiling and having fun! This training has transformed her and our family for life! THANK YOU!


I did the translation to Spanish for the first 2 parts of this training and saw how teens would start closed up and leave excited, committed, full of life and with friends for life.


An amazing experience for my 17 year old son. He went in with high expectations and surpassed his own. The connections made in the training coupled with the support of the community has given him focus, confidence and inspiration.


OUTSTANDING! This program has impacted my kids and I in a phenomenal way. We have created ways to love, understand and be patient with each other. We love that we get to be creative as a family to serve, create, and grow in the name of love


The best gift in the world is the opportunity to work with such phenomenal students!


The changes I have seen in Haley have been mind blowing. I’ve never seen a program so impactful in such little time. Thank you Tamrah Barber for helping Haley be the best version of herself she can be. I HIGHLY recommend this program. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Life changing experience for teens.
A must for teens who strive for excellence.

5 stars


This seminar should be a must in every middle and high school! The teens coming in do not go out the same they are improved! My daughter enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I highly recommend sending your teen!


Thank you for the amazing work you do with teens! You’re program is a true blessing! This is a fantastic, eye opening program that created a safe place for my daughter to let go of what held her back! It was a wonderfully freeing experience for her! It allowed her to understand just how valuable and beautiful she really is (inside and outside) She is excited about having the tools to create long lasting change in herself, for herself and for those around her! She is thrilled to have created such strong bonded friendships with so many teens! Thank you extreme teen leaders! She can’t wait for part 2 and neither can I!



Get your teen into this weekend workshop. It’s THAT valuable for them, for your relationship and for all of our future.


I am a proud Extreme Teen Leader parent! No investment in our twins has been this transformational! After the first evening in Discovery Level 1, my son got in the car and said I think there's another training and I want to go!" That was after ONE evening in the program! Grateful and inspired by the opportunities Extreme Teen Leaders is offering to our communities. Proud to be part of this movement.


This is an awesome leadership training for our teens I highly recommend it . This training provides tools for our teens to use in their every day life. My son has done the training and has flourished tremendously and I love it!!


By far the most groundbreaking and transformational program for teens I’ve been honored to be a part of as a parent. I believe every school should have this as a part of their curriculum as it gets to the core of cultivating emotional and social intelligence. As a US Marine Corps Veteran and nonprofit Executive Director, I can truly say Extreme Teen Leaders is the best tool I’ve come across to teach teens the ethos of Honor, Courage, Commitment, and Service to yourself, your family, and your community.


This training led by the amazing Tamrah Barber is exactly what teens need to experience so that they get that they matter. The tools that they receive will raise their self esteem and empower them to take their life on. This should be in the curriculum for all schools in America and beyond.


XTL...are doing AMAZING things. Tamrah has not only a calling to the youth of today, but she has the passion, love, and support all teens need today to be extraordinary leaders!


Since starting with "Extreme Teen Leaders" my son's confidence has grown exponentially.

I feel so blessed to have found this community and Tamrah especially because she gives her all to these teens. I cannot wait to see what is coming next!�

trina t

Since starting with "Extreme Teen Leaders" my son's confidence has grown exponentially.

I feel so blessed to have found this community and Tamrah especially because she gives her all to these teens. I cannot wait to see what is coming next!�

trina R

Extreme Teen Leaders is a phenomenal group of young amazing leaders, lead by on AMAZING individual!! Tamrah Barber. My daughter Kiya has done both part 1 and Part 2. It has made a Wonderful difference in her life. Now she has tools to be everything God intended for her to be. Give your teen this gift, you will not regret it!!


Powerful, impactful, life-altering training for teens!! Tamrah and her team are committed to teens leading the best life for themselves, their families and the world! I highly recommend it!


Our children & youth have a space to experience their greatness.


Tamrah holds one of the best teen leadership trainings in the area.


A great experience that will lead to better leaders in all communities. This organization raises self awareness, esteem, and qualities that can propel teens in every major activity in their lives.


I absolutely loved this class and got so much out of it. I think everyone should have the opportunity to go and have this experience. It helps you to love your self and everything about you and it helps you to have the ability to connect with others. If you are thinking of going or thinking of send your child, I would 100% recommend doing it.


My daughter, since taking XTL has developed poise, confidence, & grace. Since taking as well as staffing the course she has developed her leadership skills and is more mindful and disciplined . I would recommend this Course for teens and even adults (if they could , lol) and I am glad this course exists because it inspires the youth to take action in their communities and they get to know that they matter. Also, Tamrah is a rockstar! I give it 10 stars!!! 


The following is from my 17-year-old daughter. In February of this year, she was hospitalized for mental health issues. I am so grateful for this training and the space it provided for her and the other teens in attendance. She felt safe and loved. She wanted to isolate and not communicate outwardly, prior to this training. Her and I are continuing to work together to grow and connect. These are her words. Thank you.

"Being at Extreme Teen Leaders changed my life. It helped me build stronger relationships and helped me figure myself out. I made some new friends. I would love if the trainings were closer together but it does take a lot of time to figure out and not everyone is always available. The training really supported me in figuring out who i really am and who my true friends are. It helped me forgive and forget my past and it was an overall amazing experience. I cannot wait for it to come down to Florida (ill be there for every training to staff!)"


Simply Awesome!!! I personally know the Leader, Tamrah Barber, and can say that she is passionate about this cause and these wonderful teens!!! Way to go guys!!


I've had the honor of serving all 3 trainings. To say it's been an awesome experience would be an understatement. As a small group leader I got to see them face up to and look beyond their limiting beliefs. To mention a few specific areas of growth and transformation: I saw them becoming responsible for what they create, clearing up broken agreements with themselves and others, experiencing loving and being loved, ( a first for some), being willing to trust, (also a first for some), creating and experiencing teamwork and creating a vision for the world.

These incredible young people also represent their siblings, relatives, peers and eventually every teen. Just imagine a world where young people get their potential, wisdom and greatness and they are showing up in their lives as powerful, inspirational leaders.

Don't you think it's time? Who in your life do you imagine going on this journey?


Tamrah is a rock star. Inspiring, wise and her passion for supporting young people to be great is relentless. The world is a better place for her being in it.


Powerful visionary leaders up to BIG THINGS in this world. To paraphrase another amazing project (Youth Speaks): the next generation can speak for itself- can you dig it?!


Amazing group of Leaders making a difference for teens!! This awesome program will make a positive impact on a teen's life! I highly recommend it!!


This is an amazing program i have seen the passion love and commitment the people who staff have for the youth of our world and they're success and well being....highly suggested 🙂


Loving, transformational, powerful program every teen should have to live their happiest and best life! I wish I had this when I was a teenager! Your life will sky rocket after this program and you will feel empowered, supported and loved.