Meet The Team

Christine Johnson

Meet Christine! She brings a strong business acumen and professionalism that is in alignment with our core values and commitment to excellence with over 20 years in Pharmaceuticals, with 11 of those years in Executive leadership. Christine is an ICF certified coach and certified trainer, has worked with the Broward County Guardian Ad Litem Program where she advocated for the best interests of children alleged to be  bused, abandoned, or neglected who were involved in court proceedings. She leads with her heart and teens get her genuine kindness and caring through every interaction. She is a wife, mom, and grandmother, but most of all she is a giver and our teens love her!

Aron C. Myers

Meet Aron - pronounced Aye-ron! Wow…what a dynamic leader!!! We are so blessed to have Aron as part of the team. His passion for empowering and transforming the lives of youth are heartfelt and moving. Aron brings over 30 years of experience in business to include holding positions as the National Director for Child Welfare Programs, Division Director for Youth Community Based Services, and membership in the National Association of Social Workers. He is also an ICF certified Professional Coach. Aron is fun, a loving safe space, and committed to making this world a better place!

Lourdes "Vangie" Villamil
Adult Coach

Meet Vangie! All the teens love her because she is a stand for second chances. No matter what you have been through, whatever choices you have made, you will feel accepted and loved by her. Vangie is a mom of two amazing adults and she leads with her nurturing spirit and unconditional love towards all. She is committed to empowering teens and making sure they get how much they matter in the world. Vangie is a mortgage professional, and committed coach and loving leader.

Morgan Mack
Adult Coach

Meet Morgan! A creative and loving leader with a heart for giving back to the youth in our world, Morgan is always a “YES!” to being a part of our adult coaching team. She leads with openness, love, and gives her all to make sure that every teen that walks through the doors of our training virtually or in person enters a space where they know they matter and have permission to be themselves. We are so grateful for her commitment to our youth and love the light she brings to the task!

William Barber
Operations Manager

Meet William! Also known as “Wizzy”, as the student leaders call him, William is an artist, and spent over 30 years in men’s furnishings and fashion design. He is honest and shares from the heart with love and compassion. William is best known for sharing his wisdom and insights that always opens up new perspectives and new possibilities. As an author, he has a way with words that reach the hearts of our
student leaders. His commitment to leadership and excellence is second to none, and when student leaders walk into the training room or onto the virtual platform, they know they are in a safe space they can trust because of the care and attention to detail he takes with making sure everything is prepared in excellence.

Kevin Canevari
Adult Coach

Meet Kevin! We are so excited to have Kevin, our newest member of the team! Kevin is retired, a father and creates a safe space for all of our student leaders. He is respected and contributes to every training he is a part of. Kevin demonstrates vulnerability, love, and wisdom and our students look up to him for his leadership and coaching. When Kevin is around, he creates joy and fun!

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