Give your teen the future they deserve and yourself the peace of mind knowing that they are fully equipped and empowered for success!


Imagine 20 years from now having an open and connected relationship with your “all grown up” teen. What would that be like? Being able to pour in wisdom and see the results of all that you have sacrificed to ensure their success. I can tell you, it is an amazing feeling. I look at my kids today and am in awe. They are “all grown up” living life independently. I feel such relief, and humility knowing that I am blessed to have such great relationships with all five of my kids. I am able to pour into them and connect with them on a deeper level than ever before. They listen. And they know that I love them. They graduated from college with honors, pay their own bills, and I can rest assured that if anything happened to me they would be okay. That alone is worth it. Investing in your teen now, to provide them with proven tools and life skills that are not taught in school is imperative in this day and age. It still does take a village…and Extreme Teen Leaders is creating a “village” where your teens have an opportunity to discover, unleash, and become the leader we know they can be. The XTL360 Community is that village. Supported by coaches, staff, and parents, our teens are safe, loved, and guided as they travel their own journey towards their vision and what they want to create in their life.

Not quite sure yet? Need more information?

See our XTL360 Course Description below for an overview of our programs or feel free to reach out to us at 844-985-8336 or send an email with questions to info@extremeteenleaders.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    XTL360 Discovery  

Discovery (Module 1) is designed to give teens an opportunity for self-discovery. They will participate in exercises that allow them to identify behaviors that hold them back from being the best they can be. Teens will be able to explore how their experiences and belief systems impact their choices. They will have the opportunity to shed the limiting beliefs they have held, and create a space for forgiveness, love, and connection. And from a clear and unrestrained space, they gain new tools to overcome difficult challenges and explore possibilities.

Duration: 3-day weekend

Training begins at 6PM (Registration starts at 5PM) 

Training ends on Sunday at 7:30PM followed by​ graduation. Parents & family welcome to attend! Graduation typically lasts 30 minutes. Flights should be scheduled after 9PM.

  XTL360 Unleashed

Unleashed (Module 2) is designed to allow teens to continue their self-discovery, make new choices that forward their vision, and equip them with tools that will increase their interpersonal skills, provide the foundation to create a bright future, and gain tremendous value that will impact their life and the lives of others. The focus is on teamwork and collaboration. It is also designed for the parent(s) to participate in the first half of the module, in order to expand communication in the family and gain effectiveness in relating to one another.

Duration: 3-day weekend

​Training begins at 6PM (Registration starts at 5PM)

Training ends on Sunday at 7:30PM followed by​ graduation. Parents & family welcome to attend! Graduation typically lasts 30 minutes. Flights should be scheduled after 9PM.​

    XTL360 Generation Lead

Generation Lead (Module 3) is an intense 3-month training that helps teens to apply the tools they have acquired through the first two modules to specific goals for every area of their life—home, school, career, health, community, and spirituality. They will meet monthly to assess their results and have access to professional coaching to help determine what is working and where they are falling short of their goals. We support them in building team with their peers and increase their emotional intelligence, while instilling key leadership distinctions that will equip them to work through challenges and overcome roadblocks to success. During this module they will have multiple layers of support through their peer accountability partners, small group, their GL team and their coaches. They will work together as a team to create a solution to one of the United Nations global challenges. Each team will present and publish their solution.

Duration: 3 months (1wknd/month)

Training begins at 6PM (Registration starts at 5PM for weekend one only).​

    XTL360 Advanced Leadership

XTL360 Advanced Leadership Training (X-ALT) provides students with continued support as they develop as impactful leaders. The series includes five life sessions that focus on effective communication, presentation skills, time management, goal setting, finance & money management, and entrepreneurism. The following modules are offered to Generation Lead graduates and their guests:

Networking and Building Relationships

Creating Your Professional Profile

Mastering Public Speaking/Effective Communication

Smart Money

Duration: 1 day workshop