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“Today, We Shape the Leaders of Tomorrow”

A fulfilling life starts with you in the driver’s seat. And to get in there, you don’t need to wait till ‘you grow up’. 

Tamrah Barber

Welcome to Extreme Teen Leaders, the place where we take teen potential and nurture it till the inner genius is unleashed and a new leader shows up.


You are a parent and you want to:

  • See your teen live up to their full potential and step into the powerful and confident leader you know they can be? 

  • Offer them the emotional resiliency skills to create success and thrive even when you’re not there to protect them? 

  • Give your teen critical communication and social tools, so they will gain self-awareness and transformational leadership skills that will empower them to overcome any life challenge?

You are a teen and you want to:

  • Feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in every situation?

  • Learn to communicate better with your friends and family and have their respect, while still being yourself?

  • Be yourself and say what you feel, without fear of being judged or left out?

At Extreme Teen Leaders we make all of that possible...How? 

We give our teens all the tools and skills they need to stop wearing a mask and be their authentic self. We take them on a journey of self-discovery, which has them step into the driver’s seat of their life and take charge of their own choices. 

As parents, we spend most of our children’s life wondering if we are doing enough; we want them to succeed, to be okay on their own, to live life at their full potential. When they enter their teen years, we try to protect them, to keep them from things that are not good for them and we start to see the things that will hold them back. 

You keep asking yourself“Are they going to be okay?” “Can they thrive despite the challenges?”“Do they have the tools to be confident, survive and thrive in the real world?”

Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc. was born to do exactly that – give your teens all the social and emotional skills to help them grow into beautiful and capable adults. 


And isn’t that what every parent wants?

“Show up as yourself and the Leader within you will follow”

Extreme Teen Leaders offers a range of online programs tailored to support teens and give them the key social and emotional skills they need to succeed in school and in life. 

Each program is developed to fit a different purpose, from taking them on a path of self-discovery, to unleashing their authentic self, to setting goals and a vision, to eventually becoming the leader of their own life. Every teen will leave feeling connected, having clarity and renewed confidence in who they are and why they are here. 

  • Discovery Online

  • Unleashed Online

  • Generation Lead

Discovery Online Experience

The beginning of the journey. A way to unpack limiting beliefs and embrace authenticity, answering the question, “What do I want out of life?”

(Tuition: $149)

Session Times:

Friday - 7PM-10:30PM EST (6:30PM Zoom Technical Check)

Saturday - 11AM to 6:30PM EST

Sunday - 11AM to 4PM EST

Extreme Teen Leaders is a non-profit organization founded by Tamrah Barber, who personally developed the programs to empower teens, give them confidence and support them in taking charge of their life.  

As a parent herself, Tamrah strongly believes it is vital to give kids all the tools and skills they need to live at their full potential, create a successful life and build mental resilience to face any challenge life throws at them.

That’s what Extreme Teen Leaders brings to you and your teen. 

Want to know more about our organization, who we are and our team? Take a look below.

Imagine yourself 20 years from now and you’re sitting in your home, having an open and connected conversation with your now young adult . Your relationship is thriving and you know they are doing well, out there in the world, leading an adult life they’re proud of. You look at them and you’re in awe of how far they’ve come. You’re filled with pride and you’re at peace, knowing you’ve done your best as a parent, to give them everything needed to get to that place. 

You can do your best to support your teen all by yourself and hope that they see themselves through your eyes...or you can give them an experience that will have them see it for themselves. As they say, “It takes a village to raise a child,” so why not rely on Extreme Teen Leaders to be your “village”? 

We’re here to support you, and unleash that student  leader in your teen, so they become the true leaders of their life and the future generations.  

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