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XTL360 Online Experience

Is your teen a natural leader, but not living to their highest potential? Are you finding yourself concerned with whether your teen has the emotional IQ to create success in this competitive global world? Give your teen critical social and emotional skills to gain an awareness of when they are in their own way and empower them with transformational leadership distinctions to overcome any life challenge. 

Session Overview:

Student Leaders will gain tools to help them:

  • Gain clarity and certainty on what success means to them and what they want to create in their life
  • Learn how being their word is foundational to building their character and living their life in integrity
  • Identify what gets in the way of them being the best version of themselves
  • Learn how to "unpack" events that have occurred in their life in a way that supports their growth and development
  • Learn the power of forgiveness and how to use it to empower themselves 
  • Work with other like-minded teens to grow, learn, share, and support each other on this journey of life

Student Leaders will be provided with 2 weeks of group coaching and an opportunity to join our Xtreme Mastermind for support moving forward.

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  • Discovery Online

  • Unleashed Online

  • Generation Lead

Discovery Online Experience

The online version of the premier XTL360 journey Module 1 - Discovery is now online! This new offering brings the awesomeness of the in-person training in an online format. It is a blend of current and new exercises that have been created for maximum impact and life changing results. Student Leaders invite your friends and parents share with other parents of teens!!!! (Tuition: $149)

Session Times:

Friday - 7PM-10:30PM EST (6:30PM Zoom Technical Check)

Saturday - 11AM to 6:30PM EST

Sunday - 11AM to 4PM EST


XTL360 is a premier social and emotional learning (SEL) community based program that is designed to complement traditional academic curriculum based learning. We are the only social and emotional learning and transformational training nonprofit organization for teens with an ICF Professional Certified Coach and Certified Transformational Trainer. Our program is aligned with the 5 Core Competencies of SEL, as well as many other evidence-based SEL frameworks.

With over 40+ years of research, studies have shown that students that participate in SEL programs have higher scores on tests and are able to successfully navigate life's challenges. 

Making social and emotional skills part of the learning equation will help student leaders succeed in school and life. With social and emotional skills, student leaders  learn to manage emotions, build positive relationships, and navigate social environments. When we focus on helping to develop these skills and are student leaders are better prepared for the world and able to fulfill their potential.

Imagine 20 years from now having an open and connected relationship with your “all grown up” teen. What would that be like? Being able to pour in wisdom and see the results of all that you have sacrificed to ensure their success. I can tell you, it is an amazing feeling. I look at my kids today and am in awe. They are “all grown up” living life independently. I feel such relief, and humility knowing that I am blessed to have such great relationships with all five of my kids. I am able to pour into them and connect with them on a deeper level than ever before. They listen. And they know that I love them. They graduated from college with honors, pay their own bills, and I can rest assured that if anything happened to me they would be okay. That alone is worth it.

Investing in your teen now, to provide them with social and emotional learning skills - proven tools and life skills - that are not taught in school is imperative in this day and age. It still does take a village…and Extreme Teen Leaders is creating a “village” where your teens have an opportunity to discover, unleash, and become the leader we know they can be. The XTL360 Community is that village. Supported by XTL Ambassadors, certified coaches, professional staff, and committed parents, our teens are safe, loved, and guided as they travel their own journey towards their vision and what they want to create in their life.

Benefits of XTL360

Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc. is a family and community academic learning partner, and an educational nonprofit organization committed to the advancement of social and emotional learning (SEL) skills in middle and high school students. If you were to do a search on SEL, you would find research that supports the importance and effectiveness of SEL skills and its impact on academic learning. Increased focus on academic learning and increased success are the #1 reasons to enroll your teen. 

In addition, according to studies conducted by Harvard Graduate School of Education and other research institutions, the following benefits can be realized by having your Student Leader participate in the XTL360 Teen Leadership Program. Your Student Leader will gain critical SEL skills to include:

  • The ability to organize and navigate social relationships, including the ability to interact effectively with others and develop healthy relationships
  • Identifying, understanding, caring about, and acting from their vision and core ethical values such as acceptance, love, community, accountability, integrity, team, and responsibility for their life and impact to others
  • An awareness of their abilities – intelligence, talents, etc. – and realization that their perceived abilities are not fixed traits but can be developed through dedication and hard work (e.g., exhibits a growth mindset)
  • An awareness that every member of their community and beyond matters, and has value and purpose
  • The ability to assess, and then generate effective strategies and solutions to manage challenges and interpersonal situations
  • An awareness of their ability to interpret their social environment
  • An ability to articulate their point of view and understand another person’s point of view, opinion, and/or feelings
  • An awareness of when they are being reactive with automatic behaviors, and ability to use effective control strategies to moderate their behavioral responses.
  • The ability to recognize, comprehend, and communicate their feelings without being run by them
  • Ability to express their feelings in ways are in alignment with their experiences
  • Increased emotional intelligence and mental ability to switch between thinking about two different concepts to think about multiple concepts simultaneously. Additionally, the ability to redirect or shift their focus of attention away from one salient object, instruction, or strategy to another
  • The ability to suppress or modify a behavioral response in the service of attaining a longer term goal
  • Understanding their intention and commitment when planning, identifying and organizing a sequence of tasks to achieve a desired result
  • The ability to remain focused and overcome challenges and consistently achieve desired results when distractions are present

Not quite sure yet? Need more information? View our testimonials.

See our XTL360 Course Description below for an overview of our programs or feel free to reach out to us at 844-985-8336 or send an email with questions to We look forward to hearing from you soon!

In Person Training & Workshops

    XTL360 Discovery  

Discovery (Module 1) is designed to give teens an opportunity for self-discovery. They will participate in exercises that allow them to identify behaviors that hold them back from being the best they can be. Teens will be able to explore how their experiences and belief systems impact their choices. They will have the opportunity to shed the limiting beliefs they have held, and create a space for forgiveness, love, and connection. And from a clear and unrestrained space, they gain new tools to overcome difficult challenges and explore possibilities.

Duration: 3-day weekend

Training begins Friday at 6:30PM (Registration starts at 6PM) and ends at 11PM 

Saturday begins at 10AM and ends at 10PM

Sunday begins at 10AM and ends at 6:30PM followed by graduation. Parents & family welcome to attend! Graduation typically lasts 30 minutes. Flights should be scheduled after 9PM.

  XTL360 Unleashed

Unleashed (Module 2) is designed to allow teens to continue their self-discovery, make new choices that forward their vision, and equip them with tools that will increase their interpersonal skills, provide the foundation to create a bright future, and gain tremendous value that will impact their life and the lives of others. The focus is on teamwork and collaboration. It is also designed for the parent(s) to participate in the first half of the module, in order to expand communication in the family and gain effectiveness in relating to one another.

Duration: 3-day weekend

Friday training begins at 6:30PM (Registration starts at 6PM) and ends at 11PM

Saturday begins at 10AM and ends at 10PM

Sunday begins at 10AM and ends at 6:30PM. (Parent Day)

Spend the full day in the training room with your teen and attend lunch with their small group!

Graduation is at 6:30PM. Parents & family welcome to attend! Graduation typically lasts 30 minutes. Flights should be scheduled after 8:30PM.

   XTL360 Generation Lead

Generation Lead (Module 3) is an intense 3-month training that helps teens to apply the tools they have acquired through the first two modules to specific goals for every area of their life—home, school, career, health, community, and spirituality. They will meet monthly to assess their results and have access to professional coaching to help determine what is working and where they are falling short of their goals. We support them in building team with their peers and increase their emotional intelligence, while instilling key leadership distinctions that will equip them to work through challenges and overcome roadblocks to success. During this module they will have multiple layers of support through their peer accountability partners, small group, their GL team and their coaches. They will work together as a team to create a solution to one of the United Nations global challenges. Each team will present and publish their solution.

Duration: 3 months (1wknd/month)

Weekend 1:

Training begins Friday at 6PM and ends at 10PM (Registration starts at 5:00PM for Weekend 1 only). 

Saturday: Student Leaders will arrive at the Ropes Course at 9AM.  Ropes course waivers are required.

Sunday: Student Leaders arrive at the training room at 10AM. Training on Sunday ends at 6:30PM. 

Weekend 2:

Training begins Friday at 6PM and ends at 10PM.

Saturday: Training begins at 10AM and ends at 10PM.

Sunday: Training begins at 10AM and ends at 6:30PM  (Parent Day)

Spend the full day in the training room with your teen and attend lunch with their small group!

Weekend 3: 3-day weekend; All meals included

Training begins Friday at 6PM and ends at 10PM

Saturday: Community Service Project

Sunday: Training begins at 10AM and ends at 6PM

Graduation begins at 6PM. Parents & family welcome to attend! Graduation typically lasts 30 minutes. Flights should be scheduled after 9:00PM.

   XTL360 Teen Life Mastery Retreat

XTL360 Teen Life Mastery Retreat builds on what Student Leaders have already learned and provides a deeper level of understanding of the leadership distinctions covered in Discovery, Unleashed, and Generation Lead. The Teen Life Mastery Course equips them with the discipline to not just know it, but to live out the leadership distinctions in their life to create massive results. They will learn how to embody leadership principles such as accountability, integrity, commitment, abundance, and vision.

Duration: 3-day retreat weekend; on-site lodging and meals included

Friday training begins at 6:30PM (Registration starts at 6PM) and ends at 11PM

Saturday begins at 10AM and ends at 10PM

Sunday begins at 10AM and ends at 5:00PM followed by graduation. Parents & family welcome to attend! Graduation typically lasts 30 minutes. Flights should be scheduled after 9PM.

   XTL360  Xtreme Mastermind

Xtreme Mastermind is available for all XTL360 Graduates and provides continued learning opportunities and support as they continue to grow and develop their social and emotional skills.

  • Monthly Mastermind to discuss challenges and work collectively to identify solutions and action steps
  • Peer to peer coaching with XTL Ambassadors and Adult Coaches
  • Community service opportunities
  • Guest speakers providing insights on a myriad of topics each week
  • Special appearances from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders coming to share insights and wisdom
  • Thought leadership and opportunities to improve problem solving skills
  • Live broadcasts and pro tips in specialized areas relevant to Student Leaders
  • Opportunities for Student Leaders to practice public speaking and share information with their peers
  • Opportunities to stretch outside of their comfort zone! 

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