July 14

Summer F.U.N.

Today on my walk through a path in the woods, I noticed a black snake in the grass. It had it’s head lifted off the ground as if it was looking to see what the movement was as I passed it by. For the past several weeks, as I took my morning walk I saw lots of bunnies and little rodents feeding on the foliage along the trail. Most were not afraid and just froze in place as I walked by. Other times, the sound of my shoes had them run off in the bushes for cover until I passed by so they could continue feeding. Each day I would wonder why I hadn’t seen any snakes around with the number of rodents I have seen on the trail. Looked like an opportunity for a feast!

Seeing one today reminded me to continue to shed the past like snakes shed their skin. And to walk gently upon the earth. So often we are haunted by our past traumas and live our lives making decisions based on what happened yesterday, expecting our future to be different. I wanted to stop in to remind you too, to let go of the past. There are many reasons to let it go...here are three of my reasons:

F - Forgiveness
I am not the same person then, that I am now. The people that I knew then have also grown on their life journey and they are not the same person either. I can forgive myself for everything that I have ever done, said, or thought and I can forgive everyone that has ever done, said, or thought anything negative about me.

U - Uniqueness
What happened to me in the past does not define who I am today. Those events and things that happened are distinct from who I am. That happened AND it does not define me. I have accomplished and been through so many other things. I am unique and there is nothing to compare myself to nor is there anything that can define me except for ME.

N - Nothingness
The past is gone and there's nothing I can do about anything that has already happened. It is there for me to learn my lessons and move forward.

Everything in the past resides in the Sea of Nothingness.

Happy Trails! Get out and walk through nature today. Let me know what you saw on your journey…

Quote of the Week
"Wisdom is knowing I am nothing. Love is knowing I am everything. Between these two...my life moves."

Nisargadatta Maharaj